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We're very proud of our employees and we believe that our workplace is more than just a paycheck, it's a way of life. Besides offering competitive wages, health care packages and group RRSP's, Lavergne Construction employees are awarded job performacer bonuses and, for the past eight years running, both employees and spouses have been invited to partake in an all-inclusive group winter get-away. We've enjoyed jaunts to Las Vegas, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

With experienced Journeymen Carpenters, Lavergne Construction has proven time and time again our ability to perform any and all types of building construction from beginning stages to end product. Douglas Bossert, Shane Fitzgerald, Andre Gelineau and Warren Dunbar are just a few of our best, and are all trusted to oversee all phases of construction to ensure productivity.

We believe that the most important part of our job is to ensure the happiness of our customer. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet and never exceed time and budgetary boundaries.

As a result of being a part of a rapidly expanding construction company, it is essential that the carpenters have a reliable, full-time office staff to confide in.

Consequently, Brent Lavergne - Owner, and Amy Brown - Office Manager, work together to ensure the peaceful flow of correspondence in and out of the office and accommodate any and all inquires the carpenters may have regarding their project.

Our carpenters direct each and every inquiry to the office to be directed to the customer for their preferred action. Having even the smallest concern addressed protects the customer from any unwanted action being taken which may present an extra bill or prolong construction.

Brent and Amy also attend any and all site meetings with our customers to go over any questions or concerns either party may have. These site meetings are very important in the construction process.

Any concerns are dealt with at this point and any changes may be confirmed as well. Not only do the meetings provide our customers with the reassurance that we are meeting deadlines, but it's also a time when the customer can see each and every stage of the construction to their building, whether it be a small renovation or a brand new building.


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